April Bootcamp

It's almost May! April went by soo fast. It was time for another Bootcamp assignment this months and it was all about The Global Art Gathering that's in june :). It's an event where you can meet Lilla Rogers (and other leading industry experts) in real life, sounds amazing!

We were asked to design a poster for the event, it had to include some handlettering but we could make anything we liked. I decided to focus on the 'art' part. I hand lettered almost everything that's on the poster and made a colorful background with acrylic inks. I scanned the background and used it for the poster. I made a lot of sketches for the title that would be on the poster and I decided to go for a handlettered / script feel. I sketched a couple of icons to add to the poster too and I digitalized them in Illustrator, where I added some of the colors that Lilla Rogers Studio uses often.

bootcampapr2015 artgathering3

bootcampapr2015 artgathering2

lucilight bootcampapr2015 artgathering

You can view the complete gallery with work from all the students at Lilla Roger's website.



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