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August Blog Hop GIU

harmony girl

I'm featuring the Harmony Girl from the beautiful stamps from Angie Blom. The stamp is a bit larger than most of my stamps and I thought it was just perfect for an art journal page. So I grabbed my watercolor paints and sketchbook and started working with this set!

GIU hop unitygirl

When I made this page it was raining really hard so the page really fitted the day ;). I started with stamping the image, after I stamped it I put a bit of masking fluid on it so I could make a background without damaging the stamped image. I used a couple of my gansai tambi colors (sorry, not the ones in the picture), to be honest I only used four colors for this page. I used one brown color for the ground and just used more water to fade it out. For the sky I used two colors of blue and... salt. Finally! I wanted to use salt in my watercolors for such a long time but I just couldn't find a way to incorporate it into my paintings. Well, for this girl it was just perfect to create a bit more texture in the sky. The lighter spots are the places where I put the salt. It absorbs some of your colors and you can create really pretty effects with it.

GIU hop unitygirl2

I added a couple of paint splatters to the sky in different colors of blue. Some of them I did while the paint was wet and some of them after the paint dried. When the paint is still wet the drops of paint will blend in more with the background and when it's dry the splatters will be more on top of the other colors. After all the splatters had dried I stamped my sentiment. One on the bottom of the page and a couple of them in the sky. For the ones in the sky I used second generation stamping, so I first stamped onto some scrap papers and after that I stamped a second time in the sky. This way the stamp blends in more with the background.

GIU hop unitygirl3

When everything dried I removed the masking fluid and my page was finished!

And a quick look on another page in my sketchbook:

GIU hop unitygirl4

If you're not used to stamping with large stamps you can try it out on another page. I stamped the girl a couple of times just to try it out, that way I created a background for another page! If you think the images are too prominent for a background you could add a little watered down gesso or white paint on top of your page so the girls will get a softer look. I'm still working on this page but I hope to show it to you soon ;).

Well, that was my part of the hop! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win some Unity goodies! Your next stop is at Laura Turcotte!

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