01 Mar

February Bootcamp

It's already march! We had a great february at Bootcamp and I can't wait to see what MATS will bring this month :). But first, let me share something about the 'wood-project' we did last month.

After a great mini about scenic plates, Lilla surprised us all by asking us to paint on wood. Real wood. Slices of wood. Pfiew, that's something new to me. I couldn't find a large slice of wood. Now I know where to get it... of course. But at that moment I could only find smaller ones. So I worked pretty small this month. Well, my sketches are always small so that wasn't a real big thing for me.

bootcamp feb wood4

But... the wood structure made it hard to get really fine details so eventually I skipped my first idea where I had a little girl on a swing, a tree, flowers, birds, butterflies and well... everything you can think of. As you can see in the pictures below.

bootcamp feb wood3

bootcamp feb wood2

So I decided to focus on one flower. After I made my first poppy on wood, I just couldn't stop. So I made another one. They look really nice as a set :).

bootcamp feb wood

lucilight bootcampfeb2015 wood poppy

If you would like to see more 'work in progress' pictures, follow me on instagram! instagram.com/lucilight88


24 Feb

baby blue and pink

Baby blue and pink for this card. I used a die from Pretty Pink Posh to create the middle panel. I offset the circles that were cut out a little bit so you can see the blue dotted background in the middle panel too. I added some stickers and glitters to finish the card.



23 Feb

He cares about you

I have two cards to share with you today. I tried out my Wplus9 stamp set for the first time (and the dies) and I absolutely love them! I couldn't stop making more flowers so I made two cards ;).

I used a light and peaceful background for my card so the flowers really pop on it. I used a sentiment stamp from Dare2bArtzy, it's just perfect with this card. And of course I added a couple of sequins to finish my card.

flowers cares 1

flowers cares 2

For the second card I used another type of patterned paper and I changed the composition a bit. The other colors for the background give the card a completely different look and feel than the other card.

flowers cares 4

flowers cares 3

17 Feb

More vintage

Last week I shared a couple of vintage cards with you. I really liked making them so this week I have some more to share with you :). They're all based on the same ingredients, but have a little bit of a different twist each time. I'm not so good in making the same card twice, but I can make cards in one style ;).

I really love the watercolored papers I used for the backgrounds, but they're pretty hard to photograph... They're a little bit glossy so that's the weird shine on the images.

youandme vintage

youandme vintage2


moments vintage

moments vintage2


missingyou vintage

missingyou vintage2

13 Feb

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet

A message that couldn't be missing in a journaling bible; Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. It's one of the first messages I included in my journaling bible, only I didn't find the time to write a blog about it. Eventhough the message on it's own is enough. We may use the word of God to guide us everyday. We can search for answers to all our questions and find a little moment of peace in our days. A moment to talk with God. But when I write that down I'm looking a bit sarcastic at myself. A talk? Most of the time it means that I'm reading and reflecting and I do think about it very seriously... but then?... sometimes it feels a bit 'evangelical' (a type of church in Holland) to think that way. Or maybe I'm just too literal in my thinking. When I write it down it feels like I'm having a real conversation where I get every answer I want, immediatly. And of course, written down on paper with a signature included. Because it's nice to have some certainty. But that isn't the way it works... at least not for me (and if it does work for you, could I get some instructions? ;)). Because I do take my moments to talk with God, but that doesn't mean I'll get all the answers. Maybe I'll even get more questions. But despite that, it does feel good to read in the Bible. And eventhough I don't have all the answers (yet? ;)), everyone who searches will find. Won't they? So I'm off, doing some more searching.

word 1

I like to add a little personal touch to these blogposts. It's not about the art I'm making or how everything looks, but it's about the word of God. While I spent my time with God, it sometimes takes a bit more time to get a 'real blogpost' online. A little bit of time to process everything ;).

But for everyone that's mainly interested in the way that I'm making the pages. I used a piece of tracing paper for this one. I added some pastels for coloring and fixated everything. After that I traced my image and text with a micron pen and adhered the paper with some spray glue in my Bible.

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