02 Oct

Psalm 30

A while ago I wrote something about 'Bible journaling'. At that moment I didn't have my own journaling bible. I really loved to see what other people where doing but I didn't dare to do it myself. Imagine that I would ruin my whole Bible! Well, I learned in the Bible Journaling Community that that doesn't matter ;). Mistakes happen, but they're part of the proccess. Most of the time you can fix them or at least you can live with them ;). But sometimes it's hard to let the perfect image go. Eventually I dared to jump in and started writing in my own Bible. And I absolutely love it! I don't spent hours on a page, I know that would limit me to start doing it. I just find a message that speaks to me, read the chapter and start to work with the first thing that comes in my mind.

The pictures below show my first 'real' journaling. I tested some materials on the last page of my Bible to see what worked with the paper. I have to say; the paper is limiting. But I heard it would work with Gesso. And it did ;). It wrinkles the pages but I can make whatever I like on the Gesso. With a lot of materials that wouldn't work straight on the page. For this one I watercolored the background and I made the text with my Micron pen. The music notes and and little bird are from a stamp set from Newton's Nook.

In the end I'm pretty happy with my page, only I'm still testing other materials to see if there's something I would like better ;). And just because I like to try everything ;).



p.s. If you really want to play it safe; use pencils. They don't bleed and won't 'hurt' your page as long as you don't press them too hard ;).

01 Oct

Trend Watch - Stitched dies

This weeks trend watch at Paper Crafters Library is all about stitched dies! And while I was looking for some great products that match this trend I got totally infected by it haha. So after writing this trend watch I ordered my first stitched dies from Mama Elephant! You can read the trend watch here.


01 Oct

Botanical series

Some images are just made to use for a series of cards. Just like these one. The flowers are really beautiful and match with eachother. But you could send them to anyone ;).







Buy this serie on Etsy or in our Dutch Webshop.

24 Sep

White blossoms

I've made another print for my Society 6 shop today! It's already fall but I try to keep the spring/summer feeling alive. Just can't say goodbye ;).

Have a look at my shop at Society 6 to see what I've got in store!Have a look at my shop at Society 6 to see what I've got in store!


16 Sep

A little home for my owl


Catherine Pooler is having a housewarming party for her new website! And it's not only a party on her website, we're invited to celebrate with her!

I've found another lovely owl and this time... it has a home! I just couldn't resist this cuty and it's perfect for the ’home-theme’. I had some patterned paper that reminded me of little colorful raindrops, but since she as her own shelter as a home she wouldn't get hurt by that ;). I've added some ribbon, fabric and sequin flowers to the card and a dashed line to finish it.



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